The training of helicopter pilots in Košice is entering the 4th season

The training center for helicopter pilots of the Slovak Training Academy has completed  3 very successful years of its activity. The company settled at Košice International Airport on October 30, 2017. That time, the grand opening ceremony had started a new era of aviation training and brought millions of investments to the region and created hundreds of jobs.

Slovak Training Academy is the only civilian company in Europe that has H-60 Black Hawk helicopters in its air fleet. And not one, but four. These machines are used not only for the needs of pilot training, but also for the training of mechanics. In the hangar of the Faculty of Aviation of the Technical University in Košice, students of the Slovak Training Academy, as well as ordinary students of the Faculty of Aviation, including candidates for pilots and mechanics of the Air Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, have the opportunity to learn about the technical details of the legendary American helicopter.

More detailed information about the academy in Košice you can found on the web portal DEFENSE NEWS.