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Spolupracujeme s výzkumníky a nejlepšími odborníky v oboru, abychom rozpoznali důležité příležitosti pro budoucnost. Výzkum a vývoj, technologický pokrok a pokročilé technické možnosti představují alfu a omegu našich aktivit.
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About CSG Aerospace

We've been flying with you for over 30 years

CSG Aaerospace is a division of the Czechoslovak Group, which represents several Czech companies operating in the aerospace industry. Their products and services complement each other and they are able to cover the demand of customers from both the civil and security sectors in a wide range of ways.

Thanks to the diversification of products, synergies between the companies, their mutual cooperation and high flexibility, which consists in the ability to adapt their products to specific customer requirements, the companies included in the division have managed to build an important position in the aerospace industry not only in the Czech Republic but also in the world.

CSG Aerospace manufactures and sells aircraft technology, on-board and communication systems, radars for air defence and air traffic control, develops air traffic control software and provides aircraft repair services.

A selection of our products
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ReTWIS 5+ Retia
Eldis radar
ATM systém
JAT hangár
Radary Eldis v Indii
Our companies
ELDIS Pardubice

Next generation radars


Development and production of military, security and recording systems


Systems for air traffic control services


Development of air traffic control systems

JOB AIR Technic

Europe's leading supplier of commercial aircraft maintenance and repair services


Access to airspace for drones

Pocket Virtuality

An augmented reality solution that makes sense


We care about the world we live and work in

We grow sustainably. We continuously invest in the companies that are part of the Group, also with the aim of reducing the ecological footprint and energy intensity of their production. We are developing our corporate governance and continuously improving conditions for our employees.

Environmental support

Industry with respect to the environment.

CSG Strategy

  • We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and exploring opportunities in renewable energy.
Industry with respect to the environment.Responsible industry starts with people.Resposibility in every decision.

Social responsibility

Sustainable corporate governance

Aerospace Division Management

Innovation, business dynamics towards a stable, successful and sustainable future. This describes the CSG Group and our division.

Tomáš Vlček

Director of Operations