The start-up technology company Pocket Virtuality a.s. became part of the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) industrial-technological holding. It develops unique solutions using augmented and virtual reality, which are suitable, for example, for assistance with remote servicing of technology, designing industrial units or residential projects, and can also be used in the exhibition sector. CSG became the owner of 70 percent of the company's shares, which it bought from Touzimsky Kapital Holding. Within the CSG holding, Pocket Virtuality is integrated into the CSG Aerospace division.

Bohuslav Paule, a member of the Board of Directors of Pocket Virtuality, states: "The fact that we managed to acquire a large industrial holding with projects all over the world as a strategic partner and investor is a huge opportunity for us and a big step forward at the same time. As part of the CSG holding, we can apply our know-how, for example, when designing new production capacities and products, ensuring remote servicing of machines and equipment, staff training or even presentations at international exhibitions. From the holding companies, we expect a partnership approach and help in tuning our products so that they can become the absolute top in the field and be used worldwide."

Prof. Bohuslav Přikryl, Vice President for Research, Development and Innovation of CSG Aerospace and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pocket Virtuality, comments on the acquisition: "Part of CSG's strategy is the use of breakthrough and disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, robotic and autonomous systems, advanced sensor systems and augmented and virtual reality. We want to use the solution from Pocket Virtuality within our holding and offer it to other customers. An example can be assistance in the servicing of special equipment in a remote location, systems for training personnel in specific conditions, as well as support for means to increase situational awareness."

Pocket Virtuality was founded in 2017 by a team of young enthusiastic developers who decided to apply augmented reality technology to real solutions for a number of fields: production operations, construction, architecture, healthcare, education, defense industry and automotive. The result of the development is the unique software platform FATA MORGANA in the field of mixed reality (AR - augmented reality and VR - virtual reality). Among other things, the system allows you to visualize any 3D data in space (machines, devices or buildings), create and display AR work instructions or work procedures, or scan the environment in real time and create 3D models from it within minutes. Thanks to the so-called virtual teleportation technology, people and machines can work together and react to each other in the same 3D environment, even if they are thousands of kilometers away from each other.

The company Pocket Virtuality is based in Prague and consists mainly of a team of software developers. It already has several commercial projects for customers from the automotive or energy industry.