SLOVAK TRAINING ACADEMY organizes maintenance training for UH-60 and MD530 mechanics

Maintenance is essential for the safe flight, so Slovak Training Academy provides comprehensive training program for the maintenance of UH-60 and MD530 helicopters. Currently the company have at disposal two fully functional UH60 Black Hawk maintenance trainers and one MD530 helicopter.

Trainers are used to practice the maintenance of the airframe, avionics and engine systems. There is also a virtual training system, on which students are preparing for real situations in conditions that ensure high security. New maintenance technicians progress from practicing routine maintenance tasks up to complex operations such as repairing combat damage. The training program takes place under the supervision of experienced instructors with many years of experience in the field.

Slovak Training Academy also teaches future aviation technicians to manage emergency procedures that they encounter only rarely in a real career but must be prepared for it. This is done by a virtual training environment, which significantly reduces costs while maintaining the highest security standards.

The training is always designed according to the customer's needs and takes place in the Slovak city Košice in Slovak Training Academy in cooperation with their partners.