Oro Navigacija and CS SOFT signed contract for ALS ATM system upgrade

In mid-August, CS SOFT and Oro Navigacija signed the contract for an upgrade of the air traffic control system ALS 2.1, currently operated by SE Oro Navigacija Kaunas air traffic control centre.

The project includes both HW and SW upgrades and will be implemented in two ensuing phases. Once deployed, ALS ATM system will provide ATCOs with a wide variety of supporting tools including complete SafetyNets, MONA, MTCD, OLDI messages etc. Based on the current operational set up, the latest version of ALS ATM system will enable Oro Navigacija to continue providing safe and efficient Kaunas Tower and Approach services as well as Contingency Area Control Centre services for Vilnius.  

“We are completely satisfied with the reliability of the equipment used as it allows us to ensure safe handling of flights. Having assessed the new challenges faced by aviation, the envisaged introduction of additional functionalities shall not only enable to maintain the highest level of flight safety, but also to provide the air traffic control services in a more efficient and sustainable manner”, stated CEO of SE Oro Navigacija Saulius Batavičius.

As stated by CEO of CS SOFT, Mr. Ondřej Camrda,: “We are very pleased to extend our long-term cooperation and to further support Oro Navigacija in provision of safe and reliable air navigation services in an even more efficient way thanks to the implementation of new system features and improvements in system architecture”.

ALS ATM system is a robust and operationally proven product of CS SOFT that has been developed in a close cooperation with ATCOs and other subject matter experts. It can be easily configured and scaled to meet specific needs of air navigation providers. The system supports TWR, APP, ACC and GND operations and is being continuously enhanced to reflect ever evolving industry requirements and trends.