Based on the long-term cooperation between the companies ELDIS Pardubice and ZETRO Malaysia, a contract was successfully concluded at the end of 2022 for the supply of the PSR part of the surveillance radar and ATM system ERDIS for the Royal Malaysian Air Force. The order was successfully commissioned in record time.

But it wasn't easy at all, as ELDIS product manager Aleš Rousek describes:

“This time it was not about the delivery of a new turnkey system, but a partial upgrade of the existing radar, where we fully integrated our primary channel into the existing older radar. It was necessary to first design the logic of the entire connection, determine the connection points and ensure all the signal interfaces. Our professional team was able to ensure everything already during the inspection of the place of execution of the order, and thanks to this there were no problems during the implementation phase.The actual production in Eldis took place with the maximum commitment of all involved so that the required deadline was met.

The air transport of the equipment to the place of installation (the airport on the island of Labuan in the northwestern part of Borneo) took place again in a record short time. The installation team arrived at Labuan Airport on Monday morning and the facility at noon on the same day.

Based on the request of the RMAF, the work was gradually accelerated and the radar was launched for the first demonstration to the customer a week earlier than planned.

A separate part of the entire installation was the ERDIS air traffic control system, its installation, activation and adjustment to local conditions. All system components were configured on site according to the customer's specific requirements.

The entire system was handed over to the end user, at the same time technicians were trained, both for operating the radar and for operating the ATM ERDIS system. It is currently in full operational use for both military and civil air traffic control at CTR Labuan.

The system will be gradually expanded to include the function of displaying electronic flight strips and working with them.

A big thanks goes especially to the experienced colleagues from the installation team for the fact that they completely covered both the mechanical and electrical as well as the functional installation of the entire system with minimal staffing and in record time,“ adds Aleš Rousek.