Two companies are located in Pardubice, which represent the top in the field of development and production of radar technology and electronic systems. They are the companies Eldis and Retia, which belong to the CSG Aerospace division within the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) holding. In recent years, the cooperation between these companies has been deepening, and their specialists are looking for synergies in which they would effectively apply the capabilities of both companies.

Within the CSG Aerospace division, there are a number of companies involved in development, production and sales in the field of aeronautical technology and services. It also includes companies that develop and manufacture radar technology and electronic systems for civilian and military users. The leaders in this field are the companies Eldis and Retia. Eldis Pardubice was founded in 1991 and joined the holding in 2017. The company focuses primarily on the development and production of radar technology and air traffic control systems, which it exports to more than 25 countries around the world.

Retia was founded in 1993, since 2016 it has been fully controlled by the CSG holding. The company develops, manufactures and modernizes radars, anti-aircraft missile systems, command and control systems, recording systems, UWB localization devices and communication systems. These devices are supplied to the Army of the Czech Republic and to the armies of NATO allies, directly to the North Atlantic Alliance and to other military and civilian customers in the Czech Republic and in more than 40 countries around the world.

Both companies have been active on the market for decades as competitors, but by joining the CSG holding, they have turned into close partners. However, the functioning of companies and the production portfolio cannot be changed overnight. The process of rapprochement and setting up cooperation as well as the search for synergies that would enable both companies to offer customers a wider and at the same time complementary range of products and services took some time and is still ongoing in some areas. the first step of concrete cooperation within the CSG Aerospace division was when Retia started using exclusively the Eldis antenna polygon for measuring antennas in the remote zone. Today, for example, cooperation is quite common when purchasing material from subcontractors or when procuring simulation tools, specialists from both companies also share experience with their configurations.