In the second week of January, representatives of the CSG Aerospace division belonging to the holding company Czechoslovak Group and the University of Pardubice signed a framework agreement on cooperation in the field of industrial research and experimental development, as well as in the allocation and education of students.

The contract, which was handed over on January 11 by prof. Bohuslav Přikryl, vice president for research, development and innovation of the CSG Aerospace division, to the rector of the University of Pardubice, prof. Libor Čapko creates a unique concept of cooperation between the academic sphere and important experts from practice. For each sphere of activity on the basis of this framework agreement, specifically for selected areas of technical fields, physical phenomena and principles, engineering and electrical technology, implementation agreements will be created in which the conditions of cooperation in the given area will be specified.

The cooperation between the university and CSG Aerospace will mainly focus on advanced sensors and sensor applications, supporting and securing robotic and autonomous UAV/UGV platforms, extended and virtual reality to improve situational awareness, or the implementation of artificial intelligence in the products and environment of CSG Aerospace division companies. At the same time, work on joint projects will contribute to increasing the level of educational, scientific, research and development potential of the University of Pardubice and to increasing the professional level of its students, as well as to the technological development of CSG Aerospace division companies and their employees.

Cooperation on projects can be the basis for the creation of various scientific and professional publications, research and development projects, design and construction documentation, system and technological integration of complex technical systems, new production technologies, own products of product lines and studies of operational reliability parameters and life cycle costs, etc.

CSG Aerospace covers Czech and Slovak companies operating in the aviation and electronics industry. The division's companies manufacture and provide civil and military aviation equipment, on-board and communication systems, modernization of aviation equipment, radars for air defense and air traffic control, develop software for air traffic control systems and related services, provide aircraft repair and logistics support, and provide comprehensive flight as well as ground training of military and civilian personnel, aerial work, service services as well as special and commercial air transport.