Anti-drone solution: ReGUARD radar as part of the C-UAS system

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), often referred to as drones, represent an intensively developing sector of technology that was originally born in the military sphere, but has also found application in the civilian sphere. The potential of drones is undoubtedly enormous, but the danger goes hand in hand with their usefulness, namely the use of drones for illegal activities, including terrorism. It is certainly not without interest that the Czech industry has already developed one advanced sensor that could be used as part of the C-UAS system.

It is a ReGUARD radar from the Czech company Retia, representing the first Czech fully coherent digital 3D radar, which is based on semiconductor technology and uses a concept with a fixed antenna and electronic beam guidance (AESA, Active Electronically Scanned Array).

For more information about the ReGUARD radar and C-UAS, see the Web site ARMYWEB.