ABC INTERNATIONAL enters into strategic partnership with the Czech maintenance organization JOB AIR TECHNIC to serve the Aviation Industry and worldwide airlines with a comprehensive package of services.

A major milestone was achieved by ABC INTERNATIONAL on March 2022, the well-known Italian Design Organization has signed a partnership agreement with JOB AIR TECHNIC a.s., one of the most fast-growing European maintenance organizations with base at Leoš Janáček airport in Ostrava (Czech Republic). The two companies enter into a strategic cooperation combining JOB AIR TECHNIC maintenance services and ABC INTERNATIONAL experience in cabin refurbishment and modification services.

ABC INTERNATIONAL’s high/consolidated skills and strong background on cabin interiors design shall allow JOB AIR TECHNIC to reach an ever-higher level of competitiveness and fastness in serving the airlines and leasing companies worldwide with integrated packages. Likewise, thanks to a vivid and synergic cooperation, ABC INTERNATIONAL’s customers can benefit from JOB AIR TECHNIC’s hangar services to perform their line and base maintenance tasks along with cabin refurbishment activities.

“The MRO business is evolving day by day. The unpredictable external circumstances that we are experiencing nowadays are nullifying all the efforts to plan an effective strategy. The entire aviation supply chain is suffering from such an uncertain situation. When we speak about EASA Part21J services and cabin interiors parts, it is becoming more and more frequent that lessors and airlines are stuck in complex sourcing processes while the A/C is already parked for maintenance” says Mr. Rodolfo Baldascino, Chief Commercial Officer at ABC INTERNATIONAL.

“Cabin activities are usually considered as “final” step of an A/C reconversion or heavy maintenance project. For this reason, they are very often the main cause of repossession delays. Most of times, MROs are obliged to retain the A/C in the slot awaiting the cabin material to arrive and complete the work. Randomly we notice the A/C reaches the MRO slot with a draft Service Bulletin or without having neither any approved engineering data nor approved Service Bulletin for the necessary modifications. This condition causes major delays to the facility schedules and airlines operative plans” confirms Mr. Vladimír Stulančák, CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors at JOB AIR TECHNIC.